The Switching Process

  • The Switching Process


You fill in our online application form (or you may also download our offline application version).


A confirmation of receipt email is sent back to you where you can find attached a printable version of your application form


You sign and return the application form back to us by email, fax or post.


We check again the accuracy of the information provided and we send the appropriate switching messages to your gas transporter.


If there is no current binding contract with or outstanding debt to your previous supplier, your switch to daligas is completed successfully and you receive a successful switch email.

Next Steps

1) We send you a meter reading reminder.

2) We inform your former supplier of the date of switching and the final meter reading so they can send you the final bill.

3) We inform your bank and send them your signed authorisation for Direct Debit payment.

4) You do not have to change your gas meter. You continue using the same technical installation.

5) You do not pay any additional or hidden costs.

6) You use the same quality of gas with the same level of safety.

7) You use the same gas transporter with the same contact details if you need to get in contact with them.