Together with their welcome letter, each daligas customer receives their annual budget billing plan.

This shows the total annual amount based on the estimated annual gas consumption and the monthly standing charges, including VAT. In addition the customer is always informed of the amount that will be drawn each month from their bank account.

Every month each customer receives their account statement, showing the  Direct Debit payments made to date and the amounts outstanding according to the Budget Billing Plan (BBP).

 A settlement bill is prepared when:

There is a meter reading within the year

The customer decides to cancel their contract with daligas

The customer moves out of the premises

In all the above cases, a final settlement bill will be prepared based:

on the real gas consumption, calculated  between the first and the latest meter reading

the monthly charges for the time period

adding VAT

 This total amount of the final bill (settlement amount) will be compared with the total amount withdrawn (withdrawn amount) from the customer’s bank account, for this time period.

If the settlement amount is higher than the withdrawn amount, the customer will be asked to pay the difference

If the settlement amount is less  than the withdrawn amount, daligas will transfer the difference to the customer’s account.