One variable tariff – Domestic

We  have listened to consumers in the UK, who are confused by the many offers and tariffs, proposed by various energy suppliers.

At daligas we believe in simplicity, therefore we offer only one method of pricing:

for all areas and any amount of usage, the price per unit is the same (pence/kwh).

One amount for monthly standing charges for all areas

Simple calculation

Total Energy = Energy Consumption + Standing Charges

Energy Consumption = Consumption (Kwh) x Price (pence/Kwh)

Standing Charges= Monthly Standing Charge x 12

VAT (5%)

Personal Projection [Annual Cost] = Total Energy + VAT

(This amount is fixed for one year from the date of switching to daligas)

Expected monthly Direct Debits (when on Fixed Direct Debit) = Total Annual cost divided by 12 months