One payment method

 daligas offers a single payment method: monthly Direct Debit

There are many advantages for consumers using the Direct Debit method of payment:

Direct Debit is almost always the cheapest way to pay for your gas consumption.

Fixed monthly payments allow customers to spread the annual cost of their gas consumption into twelve equal installments thereby avoiding cash-flow problems during the winter months.

There is no need to write and post cheques so still another way to save time and money.

With Direct Debit, both customers and daligas have more control over payment of the bill, fewer queries about payment / collection, no disputes.

The customer’s payment is protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. In the unlikely event of an error being made by daligas or the bank, the customer is entitled to a full and immediate refund from the bank of the amount paid.

daligas will give the customer written notice to change the date or the amount of the payment.