Meter Reading Disputes

In many occasions when a consumer switches suppliers the opening reading (new supplier) and the closing reading (old supplier) may have some difference.
In this case you can contact our customer services to discuss the problem.

Our customer services will then contact the other supplier to agree the transfer reading.

Meter reading dispute process

If the reading is not agreed then the dispute continues. The process may take up to 8 weeks as we need to agree the transfer reading with your new supplier.
We will ask for 2 readings, at least 2 weeks apart. We’ll look at how much energy you normally use – and work out what the meter readings should be.

Please note: in cases when the reading is lower than 39 units for imperial meter and 109 units for a metric meter we do not open a dispute and will not adjust the transfer reading.


 Avoiding meter reading disputes

In order to avoid the meter reading dispute it is advisable to provide an opening meter reading when you first switch with us. This makes it easier for old an new suppliers to agree opening and closing reading. A meter reading should be supplied when it is requested by us or at least every 2-3 months.