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(Our domestic tariffs explained)
Direct Debit
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1. Personal Data & Supply Address

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2. Billing Address (if different from supply address)

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3. Information on Gas Supply

(What is MPRN?)
(Is your supply on an iGT?)

(What is a Smart Meter?)

4. Price Information
7.50 pence/kWh
(7.1429 p/kwh excl.VAT)
26.00 pence/day
(24.7619 p/day excl.VAT)
(If annual usage unknown)

5. Bank Account Data

8 digits

(Where do I find it?)
Direct Debit

Instruction to your bank or building society
Please pay daligas Limited Direct Debits from the account detailed above in this Instruction subject to the safeguards assured by the Direct Debit Guarantee.
I understand that this Instruction may remain with daligas Limited and, if so, details will be passed electronically to my bank/building society.
Direct Debit Guarantee
Additional Information

6. Gas purchase contract

I hereby authorise daligas Ltd as a gas supplier in accordance with the articles of the Terms and Conditions to supply gas according to the above information.

7. Request / Authorisation

I hereby authorise daligas Ltd as my current gas supplier to proceed with the switching procedure from my former gas supplier and inform the grid operator for this switching.

8. Authorisation for payment

I hereby authorise daligas Ltd as my current gas supplier to receive my monthly payment for gas consumption through the direct debit option from the bank account mentioned in this application.

9. Authorisation for data sharing

Furthermore I authorise daligas Ltd to keep in their database the above submitted information (data).

10. Terms & Conditions

I have received the Terms and Conditions of daligas Ltd, I have read them and I fully agree.
I declare that the above are part of the gas supply contract.

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tel: 0800 111 4568 , Fax: 020 8438 6400, E-Mail:

I accept the terms & conditions of daligas Ltd (click to read and accept)
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