Stay flexible

daligas aims to satisfy its customers by giving them total flexibility. This package intends to boost trust between the customer and the company and help them to choose its gas supplier wisely among the competitive market of the UK. Usually customers look for smart and straightforward products. daligas offers this through its maximum flexibility package.

Households and businesses are able to understand their Terms and Conditions, with no hidden extras.

At daligas, we care about you and we always try to meet your expectation for transparency and flexibility.

In other words, we want you to be happy.

No deposit

You don’t need to pay a deposit. You only pay what is calculated in the Budget Billing Plan that you will receive by e-mail, and which is calculated based on your annual average consumption (including charges and VAT).

Flexible relationship

From the first day you become a daligas customer you will benefit of all the advantages from the ”daligas One” product.
If for any reason you wish to switch to another supplier, it is possible to do so at any time (domestic customers, always check the terms of your tariff.)

With ‘‘daligas one” you can take advantage of our best gas prices.