Complaints procedure

At daligas , we constantly strive to provide excellent customer service; however, there are times when we may not always achieve this.

For our customers who feel that we have failed in providing good service there is a complaints process.

A. Report your complaint by phone, email or letter. Please use the following details

–        Email :

–        Phone : 0800 111 4568

–        Post     : Daligas Ltd (Complaints Handling Team),  152-154 Coles Green Road, London NW2 7HD

B. Please note that we will keep a record of:

– Date and origin       (email, phone, post)

– Your daligas customer number and contact details

– The full details of your complaint

– The possible resolution and next actions regarding your complaint

– Anonymous complaints will be referred to the customer services manager to be investigated as far is feasible with the information available.

C. During the investigation, the complaint investigator will look at what has happened, why it happened and what should have happened.

In order to avoid any unnecessary delays or escalation, we will endeavour to deal with any issues raised with us within a working day.

If there has been a failure in service we will offer an apology and reimburse you the cost of any loss or damage related to our gas supplier license obligations.

D. If you still feel that your complaint has not been resolved within a reasonable amount of time or that the resolution was not satisfactory, you may contact the Ombudsman Services.

The Ombudsman Services provide dispute resolution for the communications, energy, property and copyright licensing industries.

More information can be found at


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